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Extra! Extra!

February 26, 2016

Check out this article in Charlotte Magazine! So very well written, and we're mentioned in it!



Repairs galore!

August 21, 2015

Mecklenburg County, home to beautiful Charlotte, NC and our distillery, has approved our permits! We'll be opening soon! All that's left to do is update some structural points at the disitillery and voila! we'll be shipping off product to your local ABC stores and offering tours and tastings! This is it everyone, what we've been waiting for!

First Rum Run!

August 03, 2015

We made the first rum run!

Press Release

July 24, 2015

.Charlotte, NC - Who doesn't want to be invincible? Jason Aldean sips his moonshine walking by the river side, Brad Paisley wants you to chug-a-lug. Florida-Georgia Line urges you to get your shine on. Savage feat. Akon can't live without his moonshine. It's a proud story of perseverance, determination, and spirits. We introduce Charlotte's first legal distillery since Prohibition, Dragon Moonshine Company. Founded by Richard and Kimberly Lavin, the Dragon Moonshine Company will bottle four products from its "Area 15" production facility, white lightning moonshine, silver rum, fruit-infused products, and an oak aged whiskey. The formula for the white lightning is a modernized adaptation of legendary moonshine recipes. Lavin chose to use multiple smaller reflux fractionating column stills instead of the more traditional pot still designs used in the woods. He explains this design allows for more control and consistency of final product compared to the original backwoods pot still. For Lavin, it goes much further than production. In addition to Dragon's focus on local, all natural and organic ingredients, the company is US Veteran owned and operated and plans to release a portion of its proceeds to benefit several Veteran's charities local to their distribution footprint. Dragon Moonshine Company's hand-bottled products will be available for purchase in North Carolina ABC Stores by the end of 2015. Future plans include future distribution throughout Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Maryland, Delaware, South Carolina, New York and New Jersey. When you're feeling bold and invincible, stop by our distillery for a tour and tasting. We'll supply the red Solo cup.

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